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How to make Ramadan relevant and fun for kids

It is important to instil traditional Islam values while adding a little bit of fun into the mix to keep kids engaged and interested.

With the number of resources and activities available, this time can be made into fun family time, especially for the little ones.


Want to get your kids to say, “Ramadan is the best time of the year!”?


Get them to:


Read Ramadan Books

‘My First Ramadan’ is appropriate for toddlers as it introduces the principles of the Muslim faith.

'Celebrating Ramadan’ is best for older kids since this features a young Muslim boy and his family.


Prepare Iftar Meals together

Get your children to help you with the Iftar preparations.

Cooking as a family creates a perfect environment for some quality family bonding time.


Save Ramadan Charity

Children are generous and giving.

Encourage them to save money for the needy during the Holy month of Ramadan.


Make DIY Eid Decorations

Decorations liven up Muslim families' homes during Ramadan.

Get your children to make their own paper decorations for the celebrations.


Follow Ramadan Deeds

Encourage them to keep a diary of all their deeds.

Before bedtime, have them reflect on the wonderful things they did that day.

It can be the simplest of things, like being kind to someone.


Make Personal Prayer Rug

Let the kids decorate their simple rugs with patchwork, fabric paint, or just fabric crayons.

Wouldn’t they love to stand up for prayer on their personalised rugs?


DIY Ramadan Cards

Here’s the best way to end this Ramadan with kids. Make a trip to the local crafts store and stock up on cards supplies.

Teach your kids to make Eid cards for friends and family. Children will love decorating cards and filling them with Eid greetings.



Make Ramadan educational and fun for your children by creating an atmosphere filled with love and laughter so they learn to love this blessed month.

Bottom line: The entire family gets to celebrate the Holy month to the fullest!