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How to survive your kid's schooling as a working mother after their vacation

“Where did the vacation go?” – So the mother thought.

Back-to-school days can cause high levels of anxiety for the whole family.  Although your kid may be stressed out as he/she gets into the swing of a new school year, oftentimes parents are even more tensed.


The major challenge here is getting ‘school’ back on the mind of your child and yourself!


Here are tips for working mothers to establish a routine for a successful school year.  These tips are also designed to keep your children well looked after, your employer satisfied, and you perfectly sane.


Before we move on to the tips to ease you daily routine, let’s focus on the very first thing a working-mother needs to do - Adopt a guilt-free attitude!  Do not feel guilty for leaving your child (at home / childcare / school) to go to work and, equally, do not feel guilty for having to let go of your work responsibilities when your child demands priority.



Double check their school books, homework, back-pack, uniforms, etc. a night before.  This keeps your early mornings hassle-free!


Decide what to prepare for lunch beforehand (a day in advance maybe?).  Keeping your child healthy also means they never need to miss school (and you never have to miss work).



A routine will also help you stay in control of things.


Sit down with your kid for dinner every night.  Have a homework regimen: make the kids do their homework before dinner.  With this routine, the kids rarely scramble to get homework done late at night and you can use dinnertime to discuss any issues (including homework) and have a gala family time.



Have a set bedtime because you both need a good night’s sleep to help you concentrate (at school / work) and stay healthy.



Make arrangements for the time between your child returning from school and you getting back from work.  Take the time to find a childcare you trust.  Maintain regular communication and a good rapport with your childcare, keeping the child’s best interest the priority.  With peace of mind, you can be more productive at work.

Take care of your ‘child’s welfare’ and your ‘peace of mind’.




Take up a flexible working job that allows you to better juggle being a parent and an employee, with much less restriction on time and place.


Keep your employer in the loop about your situation, particularly if it’s needed, so you can leave your place of work to take care of your child.


For most mums, the most overlooked part of the work-life balance is actual “me time.  Refuel yourself with a proper dose of self-care and self-love, even if it is just a twenty minute meditation before you start the day, a  spa session, lunch with a friend, or a walk alone in the park.



An established routine at home will offer a sense of stability and securities, helping your child better cope with change.  Take it slow, give them and yourself time to get settled!


If you’re worried about how you’re going to handle back-to-school responsibilities along with your job and other household tasks, you’re not alone.  Mothers going to work must always face the challenge of striking the optimum work-life balance.  We hope you found the above tips helpful for you and your child.  Now, let’s make things happen!