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Let's Go GREEN!

Environmental problems are on the rise.

Issues like global warming, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change etc. affect us.

It’s about time we all adopt the principles of eco-friendly living.

 If we become more eco-friendly, it will not only help the environment but will benefit us financially, physically and mentally as well.



Being socially responsible isn’t something that has to be done only in your personal space.

You can apply the concepts to every aspect of your life and everywhere that you go, including shopping.
Here are a few ways to help you buy things that are not just good for you and your home, but good for the world we live in.


Consider going for vintage products like house ornaments or things that has a timeless use,

because buying things that have been there all along is one of the best choices you can make for the environment and the world.

Bonus: It is a great way to save money and pick up unique items.

Garage sales, flea markets, and vintage stores are some excellent sources for such one-of-a-kind items.


Consider buying products that are in season and get them from local merchants.

When you buy local, you are buying products that were not shipped in from some remote part of the world.

Supporting local merchants is an investment to your local community. 



There’s no harm in buying used products, right?

There are things that you can buy second-hand or rent.


Reusable bags are the need of the hour.

Invest in some heavy-duty shopping bags that can be used over and over again.

By doing this, you will be reducing the use of paper or plastic shopping bags.


Cut down the number of times that you go to the store. Save fuel and make a big difference for the environment.

Many end up driving down to the store for just one item.

Instead, buy more at a time and spend less on gas or consider buying Online instead.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Try to shop for items that are made from recycled materials.

You could even try to recycle your old fabric into something new. Make your own fashion statement.


Use organic or eco-friendly cosmetic products.

Do lookout for a stamp from a reliable third-party certifier to back up the green claims.

Best, make your own skincare products using natural ingredients.




A green and socially responsible lifestyle can do as much for you and your family as it does for the earth and future generations.

It is easier than you think, so let’s make it possible.


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

- Native American proverb