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Men’s Shoes Fashion: What-Wear-When!

How to wear your casual or formal shoes with your denims? Can that pair of black Oxfords go well with your jeans? Footwear, like everything else in menswear, has grown less strict recently – these days, you can wear Oxfords with jeans, and trainers with a suit. The key is how well you can pull them off!

Shoes can make or break your attire, gentlemen! They’re the most important investment.

So, let’s move on to the basics of shoe-attire combinations:


The timeless suit and shoe combo!

The black and brown formals are the most timeless of the dress shoes and a great starting point if you’re looking for a classic staple.

Also, don’t restrict these shoes to work alone, experiment with different styles!


What goes with a pair of shorts?

Casual shoes and trainers – a perfect match for jersey shorts to create a casual, laid-back and relaxed look.

Loafers work great with tailored chino shorts – ditch the socks (or pick for loafer socks) and grab a pair of sunglasses!



Best way to complete the look in jeans!

A pair of suede shoes gels well with almost any type of jeans; it gives a very modern chic look.

Darker browns look great with indigo denim, but can work just as well with more washed out shades.



What to pair with chinos?

Brown shoes should be your go-to for chinos of any colour, although be careful not to match too closely.

Keep at least two shades of difference between your trousers and your shoes.



There is no set formula to build the perfect shoe collection.

Knowing what goes with what is the key.

Remember ‘mix and match’ may work, but not always! #HappyShopping