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Summer is here !


The summer heat in the Gulf region can be dry, dusty and relentless. No doubts about that!

Let's skip to the topic; it is going to get hotter out there. With the summer weather, strolls

around the park may be a thing of the past, but fear not!


Here are some tips to beat the heat during a scorching summer-y day.

#1: What, wear, when?

When you are out exploring and not in the comfort of an air-conditioned environment, choose your clothes carefully.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and its job is to help the body regulate heat by controlling the amount of moisture lost from the top layer of skin.

Choose comfortable clothing in lightweight and light coloured fabrics to counter the effects of the heat.

#2: Water for the soul!

This seems like an obvious piece of advice, but is often an overlooked one.

Make sure to always carry water with you, even if it’s just a short ride to your destination.

The best way to drink water is to sip a little water at regular intervals rather than gulping it all down.

#3: Cool off in a pool!

The UAE has plenty of water parks designed specifically for hot summer days so make it a fun day

out by heading to one of these cool zones.

#5: Gorge on fewer and lighter meals!

There is a good reason why we feel less hungry during hot weather; this is our body’s natural way of

regulating temperature.

If you want to feel more energetic despite the scorching heat, eat fewer and lighter meals at regular intervals.

Cold soups, refreshing drinks such as an iced tea or laban, yogurt, salads, plenty of fresh

veggies and fruits are all excellent summer foods.

AND don’t forget to indulge in some spicy food! You heard that right; eating spicy foods increases

circulation and makes you perspire, thus keeping your body temperature down.

So don’t shy away from that mouth-tingling spice – go for hot!


Use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with a mid-range SPF and follow re-application instructions diligently

to ensure that you remain protected from harmful UV rays.

It is a known fact that prolonged exposure to the harsh sun, especially from around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

on hot days may even lead to skin cancer, so invest in a good sunscreen and carry it with you wherever you go.

#7: A lukewarm shower!

Yes, you should. You might think this is odd advice for a steamy day, but taking a lukewarm or tepid shower in

hot weather is an effective way to regulate temperature.

Cold showers will cause the body to produce more heat later on.

#8: Enjoy some shopping, maybe?

A trip to the mall is a great way of keeping cool and comfortable in an air-conditioned environment. 

Malls here in the Gulf are equipped with the best shops and plenty of fun kid-friendly activities to

keep the kids busy while you browse around.

During the summer months, many malls will also have a number of activities and performances by world

renowned artists showing off a variety of skills.

#9: Sweat it out and stay fit!

Dubai’s population, especially the younger generation, realize the importance of staying fit.

During summer months, many gyms offer promotions and discounts to draw in more members,

so take advantage of these offers and workout in the comfort of an air-conditioned gym.



The hottest months of the year are coming and it might not sound appealing,

but there are plenty of things you can do indoors.

So what’s your favourite summer indoor activity?