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Tips to get your kids organized for school year

Tips to get your kids organized for school year


Teaching children the art of being organized may sound like a difficult task.

However, this can be made easy by including simple tasks in their daily routines right from going to school to getting ready for bed.


Discover these tips to make them organized with ease this school year.


Get them to keep a "to-do" list

Use checklists for their studies and reminders about what materials to bring to class.

Get them a small pad for listing homework assignments.

Completing the tasks and crossing it off the list will give them a sense of accomplishment.



Designate a study space and time

Get them to study in the same place.

It needs to be a quiet place with few distractions and all school supplies and materials nearby.

Ask your child to reserve a certain time every day for studying and doing homework (preferably not right after school and two hours before bed time).



Keep a fixed schedule

Get them to follow a pattern at home in terms of dinner time, playtime and regular bedtime.

Going to bed early and getting enough rest will ensure they go to school well-rested.



Let them organize their study space

Help your child organize school materials every day. Use separate folders to organize worksheets.

Don’t forget to ask them to clear their bag packs, for old papers and notebooks on a weekly basis.



Assign them household chores too

Assign them simple chores that involve pre-planning, making lists or arranging things.

This will get them accustomed to being organized when it comes to their own routine.

For example: getting their backpack ready the night before.



Bonus Tip: Stop nagging!

When you constantly nag them, it is obvious that your child is not listening.

If you give them multiple reminders at once, they will forget at least one of them (which will instead make you nag).

Try to focus on what’s most important for that day.


It is important to set a good example as a parent. These tips can be helpful for parents too.

Their study space, in your case, will be the workspace. Lay out your own clothes and prep your office bag for the next day

 Follow a bedtime schedule and keep to-do lists of your own.

Provide support to your child while they learn to become more organized.

Don’t forget to treat them for a job well done!