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Winter outfits you need in the Middle East

We certainly love the winters here in the Middle East though we barely get our share of the cold weather.

We most certainly don’t need to bring out a thick jacket, do we?

Still, we do get our fair share of chilly days here and what do you wear on such days?

Wear bulkier clothes and shoes than your summer ones? Yes, of course! Do you really need to buy new clothes to beat the cold?

Maybe yes, maybe no. You can always use certain essentials in your wardrobe like jeans, jackets, scarves, boots or casual shoes.


Here are ways to look fashionable yet comfortable this season with the items in your wardrobe:


Sweatshirt / Knitted Sweaters, blue denim & white sneakers!

Bring out your sweatshirts and knitted sweaters.

These are perfect because they can be worn during the day and you can add in a jacket or a shawl over them for chilly evenings.


Jackets, pants & casual shoes!

Here’s a look that can never go wrong! We all have this basic winter essential – a jacket to keep you warm, be it leather or denim.


Dress, tights and boots!

A summer dress can keep you warm during colder days too.  Perfect tights with your dress will do the job.

Add some warming elements, like a matching scarf and boots.


Extra layers with sporty shoes/boots!

Create an extra layered look with your current shirts and tees to make way for a super cool look, this season.

A full sleeved tee, an added shirt, denim and sports shoes or boots will brace you from the cold.


Long sleeved tops, denim and boots!

Winter is a great time to comfortably wear your favourite long sleeved top all day long. A thick, long sleeved top with jeans and boots is the best choice for such days.


All black winter wear!

All-black outfits are always in. If you do not want to worry about mixing and matching, just go for all black items. This can never go wrong, can it? Also, who doesn’t own a black boot!



This is our take on a basic winter wardrobe. If you don’t own the basic winter footwear, you know where to go!

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