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Tips to have a successful school year

For some children, going back to school is something they wait for.

They are eager to reconnect with school friends, the excitement of purchasing school supplies and new clothes, etc.

For most parents, it is a gift of getting a little breathing space while the kids are away.




However, for some children, the new school year brings in anxiety.

Will I make new friends?

Will school work be difficult this year?

Will the teacher like me?

Will I be able to cope up?


Replace anxiety with a sense of anticipation of what this new school year has in store for children and their parents.


Here are some tips for a successful school year for students of all ages:

Get them to be more creative

Children are most creative when they’re doing what they love to do.

Help them with it by finding what they like and support them.


Project a positive attitude

Get them excited about the new school year and they will enjoy it.

Children pick up on the messages sent by those around them so make them feel positive and hopeful.


Education isn’t a competition

Avoid making school competitive by over-focusing on grades.

Focus on their own gifts and talents and strictly avoid comparison with other kids.


Have an open conversation

Encourage children to ask questions, get answers and stay open-minded.

Parents can talk about their own accomplishments and how they have come about it.


Be consistent

Children need stability and guidance. Get them to follow a pattern or routine so they feel at ease.

Consistency and routine matters, so let them work towards it.



Celebrate even the smallest achievements.

This will boost their self-confidence and optimism and they’ll feel good about themselves.




Last but not least; parents need to take care of themselves- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Parents ought to make this a priority- for their sake, as well as for their children.