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Tips to stay fit during the holidays

It’s that time of the year which is challenging in terms of fitness.

The holiday season brings in opportunities for extra eating and drinking,

along with no time for working off the extra calories.

As a result, many of us pick up some unwelcome weight during the holidays.


What if we said that with little planning you could still make the best out of the holidays and

still be your good fit self?

Take a look at these pro-tips below to help you be on the track to a fit and healthy New Year.  



Planning to go shopping at your favourite mall?

Go early and lap the mall a time or two before you start shopping.


Keep Moving:

Too much sitting is hazardous to your health.

ry to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time and keep moving in your house or outdoor.



We at times get confused between hunger and thirst.

A large glass of water before a meal helps lessen the amount of food you consume.

You should double it, if it’s a calorie-rich meal.



Do morning workouts during the holiday season so you can save the rest of the day

for meet-ups or for some much-needed me-time.



Get plenty of rest and stay stress-free.

Getting proper rest gives you a peace of mind which is one way to live healthy and be active.



Don’t come home from your holiday feeling like you need another holiday!

Get adequate sleep and have a healthy start to your day.


Enjoy The Holiday:

Binge eating for a single day won’t make a difference to your health plan,

but starting off daily with treats in some form and not exercising,

will surely ruin your health plan. Relish you favourite snacks but ensure your health is on track.

There are plenty of healthy holidays dishes and desserts you can enjoy –

You can also check this BLOG about healthy food options for the Holiday season.


Enjoy the holidays with friends and family members.

Don’t try to lose weight but rather do your best to maintain your fitness level.


May you enjoy a healthy, happy, active holiday season!