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Make way for BOOTS!

You can wear boots with almost any outfit and look fabulous!

Don’t believe us? Read on and you sure will.


There are so many kinds of boots for men and women out there and endless ways to wear it. We’ve rounded of a few of them below.



Here’s a combination that is standard. This is a go-to combination for most women out there. Also, making minute changes can give you a new look every single time. For example, fold the bottom of your jeans for a tomboyish look.



For men, a pair of slim-fit, dark blue jeans paired with a t-shirt and brown sturdy boots is a simple outfit that’ll look great every time.




This can seem to be a little tricky to pull off, but it’s not all that difficult. It strikes a balance between the girly and not-so-girly elements of the boots. The idea is to maintain a balance.



These days, more fashion-forward men wear a nice pair of dress boots with a suit. It's a great look when you need to be a little more fashionable when dressing up.



A dress and a pair of boots can make you look stylish at the snap of a finger. knee-high boots invariably go with short dresses or with a maxi dress with slits.


For the guys, we promise you won't have a hard time finding the right boots to wear with a nice pair of khakis. Boots that never seem to go out of style are Chelsea boots.



Leggings or jeggings and a pair of boots - perfect! Layer the outfit with loose shirts. This is one trend that is never going out of style, so there’s nothing to worry about.



Here is a simple thumb rule - ankle length pants equals ankle length boots. They look great with any ankle length trousers like distressed jeans, pants folded at the hemline, etc.


So, now you’ve got a hang of it, haven’t you? We’ll end it with the thought that we have inspired you enough, and you can take it from here. Go on; walk out in style with Shoexpress!