Pinterest inspired ways to organize your footwear!

“I have enough shoes!” said no-one ever!

That being said, storing all of them is a task. If you have a fabulous shoe collection, a shoe storage solution is vital to keep them all under control. Hopefully, these shoe organizer ideas will help you keep your ‘shoedrobe’ well organized!

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Leather shoes in a timeless silhouette

The first thing that you notice when you see a man, a male guest or a celebrity walk in, is his shoes (consciously and sub-consciously). Shoes define a man’s personality and his tastes.

A great pair of leather shoes in your closet is a necessity. Men, who love casual shoes and sneakers, will eventually need to suit-up some day. This guide will help you make a wiser choice on your next shoe purchase.

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Back to Business: Flora Bella

Nothing says ‘I got this’ like a bag that sits by itself on the board room table.

Hunting for the right work bag can be tricky, as it has to be a perfect balance between functional, professional, chic yet not too sassy. It should convey your credibility and competence, but also reflect some personality without going overboard.

Read on to learn more about bags that will make you look and more importantly, feel like a boss.

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Shoes speak louder than words!


Do you obsess over shoes and treat them like your prized possessions?

If yes, these shoe quotes will embody everything you love about your favourite part of your outfit! 

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Tips & tricks to make your favourite shoes last long

Do you all agree that just like your clothes, your choice of shoes make a strong statement about your personality? One thing is certain, more than the style of your shoes, it’s the conditions in which you keep them that provide the most details about you!

The golden rule for flawless shoes is simple; *drum roll* keep them clean! The method, however, will differ from shoe to shoe. That’s what we’re here for, read on to find out how to care for your shoes.

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Top 6 Spring 2018 Shoes For Men

SPRING 2018 Shoe Trends for Men

A great shoe can really make or break almost any look.  Whether you’re heading to that all important business meeting or just another wedding, your shoes are of the utmost importance.

If you want to appear stylish, it’s important to have the right shoes on hand to complete and complement your every ensemble.

It’s Spring 2018 and we’re seeing a ton of shoes in blacks, blues, browns and whites. Usher in this season with these top picks:

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Get That Celeb Airport Look!

Get That Celebrity Airport Look!

Stylish and versatile casual shoes are a staple in the closet of any traveler. The best part about this trend is how easy it is to travel in total comfort!

Going or rushing through the airport in high heels or stiff boots can be an added stress, right?

Our take on making travel time comfortably cool is a really good pair of casual shoes! We’ve seen tons of celebrities sporting sneakers paired with everything from a bomber jacket to mixed prints.

Let’s face it - sneakers can be paired with literally anything. You name it and it works; be it jeans, a sweater, a simple sundress, fashion joggers – ANYTHING! Check out some of our travel-happy suggestions below.

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The Tales of Ballet Flats!

 The Tales of Ballet Flats!


To start it off, they aren’t just for dancers!

Ballet flats, also called ballerina flats, dolly shoes, skimmers and flats, are a type of ballerina-inspired shoes. It isn’t a surprise that ballet flats originated amongst ballerinas (obviously!).

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Shoe Trends For All Upcoming Holiday Parties

It’s December and the marathon of holiday parties is about to begin. Bring on the vivid prints, sparkling sequins and all-around festive attire, and team it up with gorgeous footwear.

Let us perfect your holiday-party shoes now!

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Check out these cool shoes that fit every new trend!

Check out these cool shoes that fit every new trend!

Marilyn Monroe has rightly said, Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. That being said, how does one stay trendy (with the ever-changing fashion trends!) and still not burn a hole in one’s pocket while on a shoe purchasing spree? 

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